Two Factor Authentication for Online Banking Has Been Breached… Now What?

Two factor authentication is only as good as the methods used to provide the credentials, and a breakdown in both factors caused losses to consumers banking in Europe.  On May 3rd, a story broke that a group of unknown hackers successfully exploited long-standing vulnerabilities in cell phone networks to intercept one-time passwords sent via text message.  Armed with the intercepted password and previously exploited user banking passwords, these criminals were quickly able to drain the victim’s accounts.

How did this happen?

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CU*Answers Launches AdvantageCIO Virtual CIO Service Brand

CU*Answers today announced it has launched a new virtual CIO service under the AdvantageCIO brand. The new service provides a range of focused services designed to assist organizations of all types with strategic level technology planning, budgeting, and management.

The brand is co-led by David Wordhouse and Matt Sawtell. David is VP of Network Technologies at CU*Answers, with ten years’ experience leading that firm’s network technology efforts alongside Jody Karnes, 18 year veteran and CIO of CU*Answers, also a contributor to AdvantageCIO efforts. Matt Sawtell, AVP of Managed Technology Solutions and ten year veteran of CU*Answers has a deep understanding of the relationship between business and technology and has worked directly on client technology initiatives of all kinds during his tenure. David and Matt also head up CU*Answers Network Services, a managed technology services brand of CU*Answers. Read More »

Get the Advantage

Many small and medium businesses recognize the need for senior strategic technical leadership but may not have the income statement or business plan to justify a full time Officer level position. They understand they are not reaping enough ROI from their technology, may have difficulty pushing projects through to completion on time and on budget, or simply need direction.

AdvantageCIO provides technical leadership engagements on demand to propel organizations through their business plans in a cost effective and efficient manner with no long term commitments while realizing ROI on technology, perhaps for the first time. Here’s how we can help

Clouds and virtualization push need for strategic IT planning

An article by Ed Scannell of underscores the need for strategic IT planning as emerging technologies like cloud computing and tablets intersect with growth categories such as virtualization and social media. According to SearchCIO’s most recent survey on the matter, nearly 51% of senior IT managers spent more time in strategic planning efforts in 2010 than 2009.

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