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If you are a business leader, how are you ensuring the success of your technical leaders?

If you are a technical leader, how are you ensuring the success of the firm?

Promotion and being a Fish out of Water
Fish out of water

Technical leaders are often victims of their own success. They were promoted in recognition of their intelligence and problem solving abilities. However, success as a manager and leader often requires a different skill set heavily weighted towards business acumen and solving complicated interpersonal issues for which there is no handy reference guide or Google search result. As a result there are often feelings of a fish out of water and uncertainty in navigating this new world.

AdvantageCIO can help. With a decade of experience managing complex and diverse technical teams spread over multiple time zones, we understand what it takes to mentor technical talent to success in an entrepreneurial environment.

Our Coaching program targets new technical leaders and line staff seeking to take their careers to the next level. Programs are customizable but typically feature:

  • Half day engagement with management plus 30 day follow up and quarterly coaching contacts
  • Optimization strategies to get the most out of IT resources
  • Review of effective strategies for maximizing IT resource investments
  • Goal setting and follow through
  • Project management techniques
  • Effective communication (horizontal and vertical)

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