Vulnerability Assessment

Checked your tires lately? Would you know if they were worn down to the wear bars, or if they had picked up a nail or screw? Have they become dangerously cupped or developed a severe blister? Any of these conditions could result in a road-side break down or worse.

No one wants to be stuck on the side of road or lose control of their car on the highway. But you won’t know the risk unless you take the time to observe and understand what you’re looking at.

Just like inspecting your tires is part of a proper maintenance routine for your car, inspecting your network from the outside and inside is the only way you’ll know if your networks are safe and healthy.

AdvantageCIO has developed a layered approach for performing vulnerability assessments to ensure a thorough, independent perspective with clearly communicated findings and recommended remediation strategies.

The AdvantageCIO process:

  • We use a combination of automated assessment tools and manual inspection to provide a complete review of your technology from the inside out
  • Since most threats come from the inside, we incorporate our Technology Assessment process to inspect and review configurations against industry accepted best practices for securing networks
  • Use of CISSP certified security experts ensures our staff is always up to speed on the latest industry trends and attack vectors
  • Independent best of breed commercial PCI-compliant internal and external assessment tools provide a comprehensive evaluation of network security posture
  • Review of patch management techniques and evaluation of effectiveness
  • Presentation of findings with executive summary, rankings, mitigation strategies, and individually detailed results

Take control of your network security by having an inspection performed today. Due to rapidly changing threat landscapes, we recommend refreshes quarterly. Because of our mature processes, we can offer a very affordable quarterly update program.

Contact us for details or to get started today.