Policy Development

Imagine an airline whose pilots didn’t know the Federal Aviation Regulations that define the “rules of the road” for airplanes and airports? Would you want to fly with them?

Of course not! You would be putting your life in someone’s hands that had no idea what they were doing. Pilots are expected to know and abide by the regulations because they construct the framework for safely moving hundred ton passenger airplanes across the country.

While you may not be in the aviation business, in order to run at peak efficiency and effectiveness your firm requires a well developed and sensible IT policy manual that documents its “rules of the road.” These documents are enablers of the business and well executed provide for the sustainability of operations across generations of employees.

AdvantageCIO offers a full breadth of consulting services around Information Systems and Technology policy development and refinement.

With over a decade of experience developing, writing, and revising policies in the heavily regulated financial services industry, we know what it takes to distill an effective, to-the-point document suitable for use not just in passing your next examination but for actually improving operations and IT transparency.

Policy development services include:

  • CISP: Comprehensive Information Security Policy
  • Acceptable Use
  • Data Security
  • Managing e-Commerce Risk
  • Remote Access
  • Data Encryption
  • Mobile Computing
  • Endpoint Security
  • Incident Response
  • Records Information Management (RIM)

We can help whether refining existing policies or development from scratch. Contact us today to get started.